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New Year. New You

I’m sure you have heard that statement before, but has it worked yet? Regardless if you are a weekend warrior or a die hard gym goer, this time of year you will notice a huge increase in traffic in the gym. Until about Feb 17th, when people start to give up, when life gets in the way, and there are just so many other distractions that training gets placed on the back burner. This is also the time frame when the numbers on the scale stop going down and the results stop showing (and those New Year “resolutioners” give up). So what then? Well hopefully these few tips will help get you in the right direction and keep you going long into the New Year–and achieve this “new you” that you’ve been waiting and hoping for!

First and foremost be there! Get into the gym after work. Bring your workout gear in a duffel bag, leave it in the car and rock and roll as soon as you get off work, don’t go home!

Second, cardio is not the answer. As a beginner the treadmills are great and can have their benefits. But don’t stay on that cardio equipment for too long. In order to see some great results (specifically fat loss) you have to do things your body is NOT used to! So in order for your body to change you need to include exercises and movements that you typically don’t do. Don’t get me wrong, cardio has its place, but there are some better ways, like using strength training, to achieve that new look you have always wanted.

Include exercises like squat to rows, step ups to shoulder pressing, and lunge to curls to press. These movements require the most metabolic demand on the body and therefore require the most amount of energy (fat) to burn. If you feel uncomfortable with some of these movements get hooked up with a qualified trainer. They can put you on a good strength training program which can get you in the right direction.

Don’t listen to all the hype. Those infomercials are fantastic at swindling you into giving up your money. Those Brazilian booty and hardcore insanity workouts don’t work; they just get you tired and hurt, with no results. Your workout routine should be a program that caters to you, not just a cookie cutter workout routine with some pretty face barking exercises at you through the TV screen. Instead of throwing away money on a video, get with someone who cares about your results as much as you do, and can actually teach you something.

Good luck in 2019!

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