The Pledge 90-Day Guarantee

Pledge 90 Guarantee icon at Pledge to Fitness

We Guarantee measurable results.

Pledge Guarantee: Experience noticeable and positive changes in your body composition and overall wellness within 90 days of starting your Pledge To Fitness® program. Our proven programs assure results when you engage with Pledge To Fitness® trainers. If, despite your diligent efforts—adhering to guidelines, attending progress/training sessions, meticulously tracking nutritional intake, and following your nutrition plan to the letter—you fail to see results by the 90th day, we will issue a full refund. This assurance is applicable to services rendered at our fitness studio  serving Bellaire and Houston, TX.


It works. Plain and simple.

We Guarantee that we provide you with effective nutrition and exercise plans effective that will enhance your wellness when seamlessly incorporated into your daily routine.

Your Pledge To Fitness® Team will guide you with proven systems and strategies that will allow you adjust body fat and lean body mass to healthy and desirable levels.

You’ll be in the “driver’s seat” of your wellness, equipped with a “map” and a “license” to maximize your body and mind potential!

We Guarantee a personalized approach to your Wellness.

Your body is unique, and since you are relying on our vast experience in kinesiology, nutrition and lifestyle management, we guarantee a full picture of the programs we recommend to you. We shall meet your expectations with the desired outcomes and results.

We Guarantee a system and methodology that is designed to help you reach your goals.

As long as you have a phone, you will have access to your Team. We will supply with several methodological ways to successfully build, increase and maintain your wellness.

We Guarantee to show you how Pledge To Fitness® defines everyday Wellness and Physical Preparedness and how to build sustainable habits that ensure lasting results.​ ​

Even if you naturally have the drive and discipline for commendable efforts in exercise and nutrition, Pledge To Fitness® will guide you in building a wellness regimen that works anywhere, anytime. Regardless of your ultimate goals, you’ll learn the strategies, systems, and advantages of the Pledge To Fitness® definition of True Sustainable Wellness.