Why I Fitness

Some do it because they want to look good for potential partners. Others do it because their doctors told them to. Many do it simply because they want to tell people they do it – and I do it because it’s my method for mental maintenance. I’m talking about fitness. Fitness wasn’t always about my […]

Do This Not That

Happy March Pledge To Fitness community!! I hope your health and wellness goals are going as planned. To help improve your workouts and get a strong core, I wanted to share a few great exercises which will help propel you into the spring! This article will hopefully give you a list of exercises to stop […]

New Year. New You

I’m sure you have heard that statement before, but has it worked yet? Regardless if you are a weekend warrior or a die hard gym goer, this time of year you will notice a huge increase in traffic in the gym. Until about Feb 17th, when people start to give up, when life gets in […]

Aerobic Vs. Anaerobic

We have three metabolic energy systems that we use, phosphagen, glycolysis and aerobic respiration. The two former systems produce energy, ATP, in the absence of oxygen, anaerobic, and the latter uses oxygen, aerobic. The difference in these systems is the speed at which they can produce energy, the intensity at which you can perform and […]

Stretching, And What Muscles You’re Activating

Have you ever wondered what stretching is REALLY doing? Well, it’s actually doing quite a bit. Whether you’re relatively inactive, moderately active, or a full fledged exercise-aholic, you should be stretching out those muscles – it’s good for you! Check out this article by our friends at MakeYourLifeHealthier.com to get beautifully demonstrated pictures of what […]

Physical Education In Schools

Check out this video! It’s a wonderful demonstration of how there was once a time in American culture when health and fitness was gaining strong and positive momentum in our school systems. Unfortunately, the fad dwindled away. Here at Pledge To Fitness, we would love to change the status quo, and embrace every venture and […]

Bike Your Way To A Faster Sprint

It may already be part of your routine, but if not, know that whether you’re on a stationary or road bicycle, interval cycling can make you a faster runner! Some of us hate running. Even those who are natural runners acknowledge the fact that what they do is tough– except Usain Bolt, he says it’s […]