Is It Worthy Of Worrying

Is it worthy of worrying? A knowledgeable and worldly client of mine inspired me with these words during one of our training sessions. With all the distractions, work stress, and curveballs in life, I think it resonates truer today than ever before. I can certainly go into the physiological effects of stress on the body […]

Get Off The Prozac. Get On The Treadmill

So you already know that exercise is good for memory, mood, and energy – but did you know it can also help reduce anxiety? The theory behind this is that when you’re exercising, your body increases its heart rate and breathing pattern in a way that is similar to that of anxiety – therefore, through […]

Sometimes It’s The Little Things

Dream Big! You’ve heard this before I’m sure. We should no doubt shoot for the stars in our goals, whatever it may be, but don’t forget it is the little things that add up and make for the greatest accomplishments. Unfortunately though, we thrive on instant gratification and tend to expect immediate results whenever we […]

A Personal Note

On a personal note… I suffered an ACL injury about 6 years ago that, even after surgery, never actually healed until it was finally confirmed as ruptured at the end of last year (2015). The protocols my doctors and physical therapists prescribed me left me limited until May of this year, and to this day […]

Healthy Holidays

‘Tis the season, I suppose. But it doesn’t have to end with adding a bunch of those extra holiday pounds. These next few months are littered with distraction. School activities, long lines in every store, holiday parties, and family coming to town, all jam packed in these next few weeks can really mess with your […]