The Pledge System™: Techniques and Strategies that Work

Our team is committed to give every client the expert care, personal attention and motivation needed to develop and maintain their physical energy and resilience. Our fitness experts will create tailored Wellness Plans to help our clients jumpstart and keep a healthy lifestyle. 

Pledge to Fitness Team and Clients
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Our Pledge System™ is:

A Comprehensive Approach to Fitness 

Our Pledge coaches will craft a well-rounded wellness plan for you. The first step is a fitness assessment. We’ll talk with you about your wellness condition and your fitness goals, and you will have the results of a Fit3D body scan performed at our studio. Based on this fitness assessment, your workouts will be oriented to achieve your goals. Each training session will aim to enhance your aerobic and muscular fitness and improve flexibility, stability, and balance as needed. We will also focus on strategies to sustain healthy eating habits.  Finally, our face-to-face clients also will benefit from our massage therapists, and the benefits of massage to reduce stress and lessen pain and muscle tension.

Individualized Wellness Plan

Our coaches will craft an individualized program for you based on your physical condition and goals. Your plan will include personal training, nutrition coaching and massage therapy in the combination that best suits your needs, budget, and availability.

Team of Experienced Professionals

Our coaches and personal trainers are required to hold higher credentials and more hours of work with clients than is usually required by similar facilities. They are skillful in their area of work and trained in customer service, and motivation strategies to support clients along their journey to fitness.

Unique Work-Out Space

Our Pledge Pods provide every piece of equipment you and your coach need to achieve your desired results. With a wide array of state-of-the-art equipment, our Pods enable distraction-free, dedicated one-on-one coaching and training. 

Ongoing Fitness Assessment

Every 4 weeks, we meet with you to compare the results of your previous and latest Fit3D  reports. They will show any changes in body fat, lean mass, and posture allowing us to make any necessary adjustments to your wellness plan. 

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Access to All Services

As a Pledge, you are able to use your sessions as needed. No need to purchase more sessions for massage therapy or nutrition coaching, simply use your 30 or 60 minutes for your preferred or Pledge Coach™ recommended service. A truly convenient one-stop solution for your evolving wellness needs. 

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The PTF™ Guarantee

✔ We Guarantee you will get results. Within 90 days of your Pledge To Fitness® program, you’ll be able to experience positive and measurable changes in your body composition and wellness, or your MONEY BACK.

✔ We Guarantee you nutrition and exercise practices based on how physical wellness really works and how you can successfully improve your wellness level, by applying your new tools and knowledge to your life situation.

✔ We Guarantee a personalized approach to your wellness.

✔ We Guarantee a system and methodology that is designed to help you reach your goals.

✔ We Guarantee to show you how Pledge To Fitness® defines everyday Wellness and Physical Preparedness, and how to build sustainable habits that will allow you to keep your results forever.

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