Sleeping Your Way to Better Health and Fitness: The Science of Sleep By Pledge Of Fitness

Sleeping Your Way to Better Health and Fitness: The Science of Sleep

Sleep is an essential component of overall health and fitness, as it enables the body to repair and recharge. In today’s fast-paced world, many people struggle to prioritize sleep, leading to various negative consequences. This article will explore the connection between sleep and fitness, the effects of poor sleep on

Social & Emotional Benefits of Exercise By Pledge To Fitness

Pledge To Fitness®: Social & Emotional Benefits of Exercise – Be Happy!

Are you aware of the social and emotional benefits of exercise? Are you looking to improve your emotional well-being? Ironically, all of us at Pledge To Fitness® are surprised that we are not asked by people when visiting or booking their first few sessions, “I just want to feel better.” 

5 Healthy Activities That You Can Do With Your Dog By Pledge To Fitness

5 Healthy Activities That You Can Do With Your Dog

There are many healthy activities that you can do with your dog to keep both you and your furry frie​​nd active and happy. Both canines and humans are looking for a little weight loss, and as Pledge To Fitness® personal trainers that love dogs we’re here to help. Some of

Pledge to Fitness: Aerobic and anaerobic exercise

Health & Science Behind Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise!

Aerobic and anaerobic exercise routines are excellent forms of physical activity. Do you know the differences between each to take your fitness to the next level? Exercising regularly benefits the body and mind and decreases your risk for diseases. At Pledge To Fitness, we recommend physical activity as a balanced

Pledge to Fitness: 10 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

10 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

Stuck in a rut?  Personal trainers can help break bad habits and progress your specific workouts to crush your goals! Have you been exercising consistently for several weeks or months and aren’t seeing the changes you’d like?  A trainer can look at your current program, and eating habits, and show

Exercise Addiction | Pledge to Fitness |unhappy woman sweating in gym

What We Can Learn from Exercise Addiction

You’re probably not at risk of exercising too much. But it’s worth looking at how this phenomenon happens so we can appreciate just how beneficial a healthy exercise routine can be.

woman doing yoga child's pose | Pledge to Fitness

6 Yoga Poses for Stiffness

They’re easy to do at home and can be done in a few minutes. Check out these beginner to intermediate yoga poses for stiffness you can do today…

hypertrophy training | man doing incline bench press hypertrophy training | Pledge to Fitness

What the Heck is Hypertrophy Training?

During the course of your in-studio or online personal training, you’re going to hear your instructor mention hypertrophy training. This is not a reference to some kind of awesome workout award; it’s a training technique used by competitive athletes around the world to bring themselves to their peak performance.

personal trainers with clients | Pledge to Fitness

Pod Bless Us, Everyone: The PTF™ Houston Gym Experience

If you’ve spent any time in one of the major chain gyms, you know that they’re often huge, impersonal, daunting, judge-y… If you opt to exercise alone, you may end up doing mainly cardio and wandering around looking for a machine you know how to work.