a man meditating. Meditation is a form of sel-care that develops self-discipline.

Unleashing Your Inner Power: The Liberating Power of Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is often seen as restrictive, yet it helps us control impulses, stay focused on goals, and take decisive actions. This article explores why self-discipline is liberating and how it paradoxically fosters a sense of freedom. We also provide practical tips for enhancing self-discipline in daily life.

Pledge to Fitness: Aerobic and anaerobic exercise

The Science of Aerobic Vs. Anaerobic Exercise

In this guide, we’ll dive into the differences between aerobic and anaerobic exercise, the science behind them, their benefits, and how to incorporate them into your fitness regime. Both are excellent forms of physical activity, each offering unique benefits that can elevate your fitness to the next level. At Pledge

A man measures his waistline with a tape measure, likely tracking his abdominal inches. He might be wondering if sustainable weight loss possible.

Is Sustainable Weight Loss Possible?

Before you despair, let’s answer the question right now: yes, sustainable weight loss is possible. It’s true, keeping weight off is an uphill battle; but we’re here to help you in the fight. Let’s face this issue head-on and see if we can come away feeling encouraged!  

New Year's Resolutions Vs New Year's Intentions

New Year’s Resolutions? Or Rather New Year’s Intentions? 

The Power of Intentions over Resolutions As the calendar turns a new leaf and ushers in a fresh year, the age-old tradition of setting one or more new year’s resolutions often takes center stage. However, in recent years, a paradigm shift towards embracing intentions rather than resolutions has gained momentum.

Houston Holidays Staycation and how to stay fit too By Pledge To Fitness

Houston Holidays 2023: Staycation and How to Stay Fit Too!

Are you staying in Houston for these Holidays? Whether you are celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah or just eating the free food at all the holiday season obligations, you should not skip a workout if you are committed to staying fit.  In fact there are many ways to celebrate the winter

Older adult with her wellness coach.

Wellness Coaching For Healthy Habits

A Holistic Approach to Well-Being A personal wellness coach can be a great support when you’re trying to live a balanced, healthy life. After all, you that you need to eat well, exercise daily, practice self-care, and get regular, restorative sleep, but it’s not always easy to stay on top

How Joining a Fitness Group Can Supercharge Your Progress and Motivation By Pledge To Fitness

How Joining a Fitness Group Can Supercharge Your Progress and Motivation

Regular exercise is essential for maintaining good health and fitness. However, many people lack the motivation to exercise and stay committed to their fitness routine. Joining a fitness group or community can be a powerful tool in overcoming these challenges and achieving your fitness goals. In this artic  The Power


Pledge To Fitness®: Social & Emotional Benefits of Exercise – Be Happy!

Unlocking the Emotional Potential of Exercise Are you aware of the social and emotional benefits of exercise? Are you looking to improve your emotional well-being? Ironically, all of us at Pledge To Fitness® are surprised that we are not asked by people when visiting or booking their first few sessions,

5 Healthy Activities That You Can Do With Your Dog By Pledge To Fitness

5 Healthy Activities That You Can Do With Your Dog

There are many healthy activities that you can do with your dog to keep both you and your furry frie​​nd active and happy. Both canines and humans are looking for a little weight loss, and as Pledge To Fitness® personal trainers that love dogs we’re here to help. Some of