Is Personal Training Worth the Money?

Is Personal Training Worth | Pledge to Fitness

It’s no secret that inflation is tearing through the economy like measles in a daycare. Now like never before you want to know that the things you’re spending money on are worth it, whether for the needs they meet or the wants they satisfy. So it’s only fair for us to take a look at the value of joining a place like Pledge To Fitness® and see whether the benefits outweigh the costs…

Although there are a lot of intangibles involved, we think you’ll agree that the answer to ‘is personal training worth it?’ is a resounding YES!


How Much Does PTF™ Cost?

Although our fitness plans are customizable, you can get weekly training, as well as nutrition guidance and massage therapy for as little as $220 per month. 


What Other Costs Are Involved? 

You probably shouldn’t work out in heels or a suit, so you’ll need sneakers, gym clothes, and…that’s really it, and odds are you already have that stuff. You can opt for workout gloves or a mini tripod to film yourself getting jacked, but they aren’t strictly necessary. You’ll probably need gas money too unless you live close enough to our Bellaire location to bike there. 

Of course, we can’t ignore the “pain” half of “no pain no gain.” The temporary discomfort of a good workout is a reality; only you can decide if you want to pay that cost. The same goes for the time cost–a few hours each week. 


What Are the Alternatives to Personal Training? 

There’s not really a one-to-one replacement for private sessions with a personal trainer. A gym membership or a home gym are technically avenues to getting in shape, but in both cases all your progress comes down to you. In other words, you’ll craft your own workouts, make your own diet plans, monitor your own recovery, etc. 

Ask yourself what it would cost you just in hours of your time to make your own healthy meal plans and workouts each week. Then recognize that these might not (probably not?) even be optimal for you! 


The Costs of Not Exercising

Here’s something you’ve probably never run the numbers on: the toll that physical inactivity can take. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), this problem costs the nation $117 billion per year in related health care for issues such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and obesity. (Obviously, passing on personal training is not a guaranteed sentence for one of these conditions, but it can make inactivity more likely.)

Breaking it down to the individual level…

And these are just the financial costs; living with a condition like one of these can really hinder your enjoyment of life in a huge variety of ways. 


What Personal Training Can Do For You

Now ask yourself what it would be worth to you to have more energy, more strength, and more vitality? To look better than you did five years ago and feel better than you did 10 years ago? To lose the extra weight you’ve been carrying around? To find fitness instruction, nutrition coaching, massage therapy, and motivational support all under one roof?

While your typical personal trainer may not be able to do all that, you can find it at Pledge To Fitness®. And as for results, we guarantee you’ll see them within 90 days. 

Isn’t it time to invest in yourself?

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