What are the Side Effects of a Swedish Massage?

Side Effects of a Swedish Massage

If you are considering a massage, you have no doubt heard that a Swedish massage is good for you. It doesn’t have the targeted focus of a sports massage, and it is not typically as intense as a deep tissue massage, but it is a relaxing practice that will help you release stress and find relief for sore muscles. Many people wonder, though, if there are any side effects of Swedish massage. That is a question we’d like to answer here.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

First, let’s talk a little bit about Swedish massage. Also known as a Swedish full-body massage, this type of massage uses long, gentle strokes, kneading, tapping, and chopping movements to alleviate muscle tension. If you are not interested in a full-body massage, you can talk to your massage therapist about targeting only specific areas. Oils are typically used to lubricate the skin, and aromatherapy is sometimes employed to help the client relax.

Common Side Effects of Swedish Massage

To be clear, the majority of side effects from Swedish massage are good ones. Swedish massage is a natural pain management tool that increases blood flow and improves flexibility. It also reduces levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and stimulates dopamine and serotonin production to help you relax. It can help with your posture, your flexibility, your range of movement, and more.

However, sometimes people do experience some side effects. The most common is muscle soreness or bruising, especially in areas that held a lot of tension. Some people experience nausea, due to the release of toxins and increased blood flow. You might also develop a headache, but this can generally be avoided if you drink plenty of water following a massage to help flush toxins from your system. Finally, some people experience an allergic reaction to massage oil or aromatherapy. If you think any of these problems may be an issue for you, talk to your therapist before your treatment and during it, to determine how to alleviate these problems. Be aware that nausea and soreness should pass within a day or two, even if you do nothing to relieve these symptoms.

Managing Side Effects

At Pledge to Fitness®, we offer a holistic approach to wellness, with personal training, massage therapy, and nutrition coaching to help you reclaim your energy, passion, and motivation in body, mind and spirit. Results of The Pledge System™ are guaranteed, and our team is committed to giving each client the expert care, personal attention, and motivation needed to develop and maintain physical energy and resilience. In addition to crafting a well-rounded wellness plan for you, our coaches craft an individualized program based on your physical condition and goals, designed to meet your needs and work with your budget and availability.

Holistic Wellness Approach at Pledge to Fitness®

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