What is a Sports Massage?

Sports Massage Techniques by Pledge To Fitness in Bellaire, TX

Wondering if a sports massage could benefit you? Contrary to the name, sports massage therapy isn’t exclusive to athletes – it offers advantages in both athletic and non-athletic contexts. So, what exactly is sports massage? Let’s delve into the details and provide you with essential information about this versatile therapy.

Sports massage stands out as a focused, systematic, and deep form of soft tissue mobilization. This specialized massage employs a diverse array of techniques, custom-tailored to the individual’s needs. Its primary goals include relaxing the musculoskeletal system, addressing specific issues, and alleviating tension. Beyond mere relaxation, sports massage excels at breaking down adhesions, mobilizing soft tissue, and effectively reducing pain.

Benefits of Sports Massage

For those involved in a sport, massage can help improve performance while decreasing the chance of injury or pain. However, sports massage can be used in physical therapy settings, to treat conditions that are not sports-related, like carpal tunnel syndrome. Sports massage can have beneficial remedial effects post-surgery, in conjunction with physiotherapy, osteopathy or chiropractic care. Deep tissue massage and sports massage use similar techniques, but the difference between sports massage vs deep tissue massage is that sports massage is typically more focused on particular muscles.

A sports massage enhances blood flow, warms muscle fibers, fascia tissue, ligaments, and tendons for more efficient contraction, reducing injury risk. It boosts lymphatic drainage, eliminating toxins, breaks down adhesions for healing, and increases tissue elasticity, including scar tissue. The techniques induce relaxation.

Numerous studies highlight the positive effects of sports massage, such as enhanced joint range of motion and increased flexibility. Following a session, clients often note reduced muscle tension, eased nerves, and fewer muscle spasms. These outcomes collectively contribute to an overall sense of well-being, diminished anxiety, improved mood, and, consequently, better sleep.

Sports Massage as Part of Your W ellness Plan

When you are ready to book a free sports massage session, contact us. At Pledge to Fitness®, we offer a holistic approach to wellness, with personal training, massage therapy, and nutrition coaching to help you reclaim your energy, passion, and motivation in body, mind and spirit. Results of The Pledge System™ are guaranteed, and our team is committed to giving each client the expert care, personal attention, and motivation needed to develop and maintain physical energy and resilience. In addition to crafting a well-rounded wellness plan for you, our coaches craft an individualized program based on your physical condition and goals, designed to meet your needs and work with your budget and availability.

Our skillful coaches and personal trainers are required to hold higher credentials and complete more hours of work with clients than professionals in similar facilities.  As a Pledge, you can use your sessions as you need, with no requirement of purchasing more sessions for massage therapy or nutrition coaching. We guarantee you will get results, and we are committed to helping our clients improve their wellness levels, meet their goals, and build sustainable habits that allow them to keep their results forever. For more information or to book a free session, call 713.405.7420 or contact us through our website.

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