Find The Why

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Find Your Why to Get Fit

Fitness is a funny thing. We all know it’s good for us, makes us feel better, and has great long term health benefits, but it is so hard to get yourself in gear and make your health a consistent focus. As health and wellness professionals it is a struggle to convince individuals on the benefits of purchasing a training package, or even the belief that sticking to a consistent exercise/nutrition routine will have a profound impact on their lifelong health. It’s a foresight that many people simply can’t see, and become very hesitant to believe. Trust when I say, as trainers the last thing we want to come off sounding like is some aggressive used car salesman or crummy “fixer” lawyer that you may have seen on TV–  “Better Call Saul” comes to mind– trying to convince you that “we are the best” or “we are the only ones that can help.”

A more effective trainer-client relationship should simply find the “why to get fit.” They should address your underlying need, goal, or ambition and give you a roadmap of how to get there. We all have an underlying “why” driving us to make hard decisions or establish habits. In regards to fitness, that “why” could be the ability to run around with the grandkids, or move around without being in pain, or feel better about how you look. One (or all) of these may certainly be the driving factor(s) of the decision to adopt healthy choices. However, unless that “why” is situated at the forefront of your ambition, the fitness routine, personal training session, or lifestyle change, it will never stick.

And What About the How

The how is the easy part. Again, looking at the fitness side of things, the “how” is simply the steps you need to take to achieve that specific goal. It may be as easy as planning your meals accordingly or hiring a knowledgeable trainer to help you formulate a specific exercise program, or it may just be going for a walk after dinner to get off the couch for an hour. The “what” is the outcome, essentially the end result or product. But the “why” is the secret!

Find that underlying factor that gets you out of bed in the morning, or motivates you, or inspires you. That is the key to your success; that is your “why.” Look around, stand in front of the mirror, take a breath, and find that inspiration to keep you going each and every day!Get

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