What is the Benefit of Swedish Massage?

Have you ever had a Swedish massage? If you’ve ever had a massage, there’s a very good chance you have. It is the most common type of massage therapy and offers a wide array of benefits. Developed by Peter Henrik Ling, a Swedish physician and athlete, it has long been used to alleviate muscle tension and promote relaxation. So, what is a Swedish massage? Let’s take a closer look at the techniques used, as well as the numerous Swedish massage benefits.

Swedish full-body massage was created as a combination of Chinese medical massage techniques and sports medicine. During a Swedish massage, the therapist will use long, gliding movements called effleurage, deep, kneading manipulations called petrissage, light tapping referred to as vibration, and hacking, the type of chopping motions you may associate with a massage. Stretching may also be incorporated into a massage to help elongate the muscles and loosen the joints.

It is a very enjoyable process, promoting a feeling of calm and relaxation. It has many different benefits beyond simple relaxation, however. These include:

  • Pain relief: Swedish massage can alleviate muscle and joint pain, and the massage therapist can even target particular pain points.
  • Improved blood circulation: This eases sore muscles, flushes out toxins, assists in healing, and gives a boost of energy.
  • Increased range of motion: Your massage therapist will gently work ligaments and muscles, and this will help you to be more supple and agile.
  • Stress reduction: Most of us carry around physical and emotional stress, and Swedish massage can alleviate both of these.
  • Mood improvement: Massage increases both serotonin and dopamine, making you feel better and happier.
  • Improved immunity: Regular Swedish massage helps bolster your immunity by reducing stress.
  • Better posture: Overworked muscles tend to cause postural imbalances, but Swedish massage can help.
  • Increased flexibility: Swedish massage helps elongate the muscles, decreases swelling, and open the joints, which help you move more easily and with more flexibility.
  • Improved sleep: Serotonin is important for healthy sleep, and by stimulating its production, massage can help improve your sleep.

If you are ready to experience all of these and many other benefits, contact us to schedule a massage. At Pledge to Fitness®, we offer a holistic approach to wellness, with personal training, massage therapy, and nutrition coaching to help you reclaim your energy, passion, and motivation in body, mind, and spirit. Results of The Pledge System™ are guaranteed, and our team is committed to giving each client the expert care, personal attention, and motivation needed to develop and maintain physical energy and resilience. In addition to crafting a well-rounded wellness plan for you, our coaches craft an individualized program based on your physical condition and goals, designed to meet your needs and work with your budget and availability.

Our skillful coaches and personal trainers are required to hold higher credentials and complete more hours of work with clients than professionals in similar facilities.  As a Pledge, you can use your sessions as you need, with no requirement of purchasing more sessions for massage therapy or nutrition coaching. We guarantee you will get results, and we are committed to helping our clients improve their wellness levels, meet their goals, and build sustainable habits that allow them to keep their results forever. For more information or to book a free session, call 713.405.7420 or contact us through our website.

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