Transform your workout with studio pods in Houston: The PTF™ Experience

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We’ve put a lot of thought and applied science into crafting the gym experience here at Pledge To Fitness®. We want to share it with you so you know what to expect when you come in, and so you can compare our gym to some of the other gyms in Houston…

How the Other Guys Do It

If you’ve spent any time in one of the major chain gyms, you know that they’re often huge, impersonal, daunting, judge-y… If you opt to exercise alone, you may end up doing mainly cardio and wandering around looking for a machine you know how to work.

If you sign up with a personal trainer, you may get a good one who knows what he or she is doing, or you may get one who spends most of your appointment talking. Or worse, one who knows nothing about your health history and puts you on a workout that’s completely wrong for you. You could get injured this way, or simply become so sore you never want to go back.

In theory, the fact that these gyms may be open late or around-the-clock is a bonus, but one of the top reasons Americans say they can’t work out is because they “left work too late.” Of those that do sign up for memberships (many of them in January), as many as 90% quit the gym within three months.

Clearly something is wrong with the “mainstream” way of doing exercise.

How We Do It At Pledge To Fitness®

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We’ve carefully designed our studio to:

  1. make working out fun and something you want to stick with;
  2. make working out deliver the results you want; and
  3. respect your time and get you in and out efficiently.

We do this in several different ways:

Our Pod System

Each part of your workout program will be done in one of our pods, a 250-square-foot workout area with optional privacy screen. Different pods have different equipment in them, whether it’s a rower or a bike or an elliptical. You may use one or two pods during a typical appointment, depending on the program you’re on; if you change pods, your trainer will go with you.

Massage therapy also happens in a pod, as does our virtual personal training–with our “virtual pod,” one of our trainers uses a high-def camera and Spotify music to guide you through your workout that you’re doing at home, your hotel, or wherever you’ve got an internet connection and room to move.

Personalized Personal Training

You don’t have to depend on luck of the draw with our trainers–everyone here is not only highly certified, they’re nice people. Everyone on staff will know your name and where you’re at in your health journey, and we make sure you’re introduced to our other clients who you’re sharing the studio with at a given time. They’re all cool people, too!

After your consultation and Fit3D scan (which is repeated every four weeks), we build your program around you and your goals, whether you’re interested in bodybuilding, weight loss, better mobility, or something else. We also change up your routine every four weeks to prevent the “training effect,” or plateauing in your gains because the body has adapted to doing the same moves over and over.

Efficient Scheduling

The pod system allows us to optimize your time with us. We call you to set up your time to come in, or you can book online. When you get here, your pod will be cleaned and stocked with the equipment you need for the day, and your trainer will be excited to see you and ready to get started.

So…ya ready to get started?

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