10 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

Pledge to Fitness: 10 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

Stuck in a rut?  Personal trainers can help break bad habits and progress your specific workouts to crush your goals! Have you been exercising consistently for several weeks or months and aren’t seeing the changes you’d like?  A trainer can look at your current program, and eating habits, and show you where you could make changes to create more effective workouts.  A personal trainer can do anything from teaching proper movement patterns to motivation.  Read on for our 10 reasons why you might want to consider hiring a personal trainer.


Do you sometimes keep starting and then stopping a new program before you see results? A personal trainer is there to help you stick to your goals and see results. Maintaining a workout routine is challenging by doing the workouts and doing them consistently.  

Need to book a 6 am appointment? Resist that snooze button! If the only time you have available to train is at a ridiculously early hour before work, on your lunch break, or mid-afternoon before the kids come home from school, your trainer understands that different people have different availability and make themselves available for you.  You will find that when you know someone is making time for you, will help you come to the gym and work out.

Working with a personal trainer will give you the nudge you need to get your workout in. We are here to support you and keep you going- even through those challenging movements. When we say we believe in you- we mean it.  We believe that the more support someone has with their health and fitness goals, the more likely they are to succeed.  It’s very hard to slack off with a trainer standing over you, telling you to do just…one…more…rep!


We educate you on all health, fitness, and exercise aspects. Knowledge is power and when it comes to your fitness goals, having a proper understanding of what is required for you to reach those goals is incredibly empowering. We teach how nutrition plays a role in your fitness journey, what exercises target which muscles, the correct exercise form and so much more.  Talk to a trusted person rather than Google, who can’t see your form anyway! As an outside set of eyes, we can find those adjustments needed to keep you progressing toward your goals. The body is smart and adapts, but we have the tricks to keep you on track. A few sessions can teach you more about your body and how it works.  We help you learn proper form, how to use specific equipment, and what exercises will be most effective for you for a healthy lifestyle.  


We help you set long-term realistic goals!  People who start training expect to achieve their goals right away, whether that’s weight loss, improved core strength, or greater injury recovery … these things take time; If your goals aren’t realistic, it’s easy to get discouraged when you’ve not achieved them right away.  We create a plan to crush your goals and keep you on track.

For example, if your goal is to achieve a ‘bikini body’ for summer, it’s not just about doing 100 crunches a day for a month to work your abs.  It’s about altering your diet to eat the correct foods, mixing cardio and weights to work the right muscles, and setting a timeframe to achieve this.  If you want to stay active or feel better, having a goal can keep you motivated, no matter how big or small.  We know the best exercises to do to focus your training in the areas where it’s most needed, and help with cross-training to ensure muscle groups get sufficient rest.


Personal Trainers cater to your requirements!  Everyone’s abilities and requirements are different when it comes to exercise. Our sole focus is on you and your success in getting your desired results.  We work with you to find the right program that will get you where you want to go.  Having a personal trainer will ensure you have an individualized plan that will give you the best results.  For example, we believe individualized resistance training programs could provide additional benefits to traditional strength-training protocols to improve muscular imbalances especially when recovering from injuries.

Research confirms that individuals with health challenges such as diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis, or heart disease benefit greatly from regular physical activity. These conditions, however, can make safe exercising a challenge. Many personal trainers are experienced in designing programs that address the special needs of these and other conditions.  


If you’re an experienced exerciser, a personal trainer can introduce you to workout variety. We bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to challenge you. Even if you do a few sessions or meet every few weeks, you’ll find it refreshing to have new workouts and new exercise toys to play with.  You can meet with a personal trainer at a gym or virtually weekly, several times a week, or even monthly — whatever works best for you. Sessions typically range from 30–60 minutes and will cater to your personal goals. A personal trainer can introduce you to exercises you may have never done before or would never have attempted on your own, decreasing your chance of boredom and hitting a plateau.


Perhaps you feel like you spend hours at the gym, but you’re not making any progress. As personal trainers, we help you find ways to work out more efficiently to burn more calories in less time, check your form, and make the necessary tweaks to ensure your exercise is effective.    Developing a cross-training program with us will help to increase your speed, strength, and agility.   We can identify what changes need to be made to take your training to the next level and ensure you are challenging yourself to make the most out of each session. Regardless of the time you have available to train or the level you are training at, we provide you with the right tools and planning to help you maximize your results every single time.


Did you know that personal trainers are allowed to provide general nutritional advice, which many clients may find very valuable as they navigate their health and fitness journeys?  Diet is crucial for muscle gain, weight loss, or both.  Do you know how much protein to eat or how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your meals, or even what your water intake should be that can amplify the results you work for in the gym?  We offer advice and guidelines as you also address your diet to maximize your results and crush your goals!


Physical exercise can help with several aspects of your mental health: 

  • Exercise has a positive effect and reduces depression, and anxiety
  • Exercise increases blood circulation to the brain, helping reduce stress and improve mood and cognitive function overall. 

Working with a trainer consistently will help you reap these benefits while taking an interest in your life. We make your mental health a priority, keep you motivated through tougher times, choose the right exercises to positively impact how your workout makes you feel, and be an extra person within your support network to lean on.


Working with a personal trainer can help you develop good habits for a lifetime. We can help you build and maintain muscle mass, increase caloric expenditure and refer you to specialists to address any medical issues such as hormonal imbalances. Let us help you slow the aging process by improving your cardiovascular condition, strength gains, increases in bone density, increased flexibility, increased energy, and lastly improved appearance.   We help you integrate those healthy habits — taking the stairs instead of the elevator, drinking water over soda, and sleeping 8 hours. We can help you make these changes one by one and support you through any roadblocks that may arise. We will help you with this by setting your daily or weekly goals to help break those bad habits and form new ones that support your goals.  Implementing a daily step goal for you to hit, a daily water consumption goal or a week without heavily processed foods might get you thinking about your current habits and the ones you want to create.


We ensure you are in a safe environment and that the movements are done correctly and are safe for YOU. We will show you specific training methods and exercises that can aid recovery. Injuries and health conditions may impact the range of exercises some people can carry out, restricting their workouts.  For example, we work to adjust squats, so your back doesn’t take the force of the squat.   We are trained to help those with a wide range of conditions such as obesity, hypertension, back pain, and more, ensuring their workouts are just as effective, despite their limiting circumstances. Work with a trainer if you’re pregnant and want a safe, effective workout to keep you healthy and fit. 

Good form when performing exercises is essential. People are injured annually by performing exercises they have not received training. Injuries and accidents can prevent you from participating in your favorite activities. However, we can smooth the road to recovery by recommending exercises emphasizing overall muscular balance to prevent future injuries.

Did you know that massage therapy reduces stress and boosts your wellness? Cortisol, of course, is the primary stress hormone in the body that can also promote overeating and weight gain when it’s elevated.  At Pledge To Fitness®, massage therapy is a pillar of our Pledgendary® services, because it’s so important to your overall well-being.  Let one of our certified massage therapists tell you more in person about how a personalized workout and massage therapy program can do wonders for your health.  Book Now to schedule your complimentary Assessment + Workout + Stretch

Our Personal Trainers meet you at your level of fitness – and build you up from there!  They will challenge you and push you further than you would go yourself, or even with the help of your family or friends. Making this commitment can help you to stay accountable, maintain motivation and reach your fitness goals. Let us build a program designed to challenge you and have fun while on the way to your goals. We are here to talk to you, push you through your workouts, and keep you moving!

Isn’t it time to invest in yourself?  Book Now to schedule your complimentary Assessment + Workout + Stretch


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