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Personal training, Massage Therapy and Nutrition Coaching designed to help you reclaim your energy, passion and motivation in body, mind, and spirit.

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80% of Americans don't get the recommended amount of exercise and nutrients.

That’s why over 71% of Americans are either obese or overweight and at increased risk of serious health conditions.

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Weight gain significantly 
decreases quality of life.

Gaining weight is among the strongest predictors of declining physical function and chronic conditions. It’s a bigger health risk than smoking.

Exercising alone, without engagement and proper guidance, nearly guarantees failure.

People who adopt trending workout programs, with unreasonable goals and expectations, are statistically 94% prone to finding themselves worse off than they began within 3 years.
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Take control of your health and wellness at Pledge To Fitness®.

Maintain an active and healthy life

Take your Pledge To Fitness® and be part of the minority that takes care of themselves.

One-on-one personal training, nutrition coaching, and massage therapy all provided in a boutique fitness studio with professional trainers

Crush your Goals.

Our fitness coaches will craft with you a unique Wellness Plan that empowers you to reach your fitness goals. We start with your wellness history, and with our Fit3D body scan, we measure your body fat, lean mass, inches, and posture every 4-6 weeks and keep you motivated and focused to turn your dreams into reality.

Change from the inside out.

Pledge To Fitness®’s proven methodology produces results. Workouts, flexibility exercises, nutrition coaching, and recovery massage are combined in a program that keeps you motivated and makes you reach the best version of yourself.

It's never been easier to level up

Schedule Your Free Session

Build Your Dream Plan

Crush Your Goals!

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A Man’s Journey to Fitness and Nutrition in His Own Words:

A Success Story from One of our PLEDGES

Experience positive and measurable changes...

or it's FREE.

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The Pledge

We Guarantee you will get results. Within 90 days of your Pledge To Fitness® program, you’ll be able to experience positive and measurable changes in your body composition and wellness, or your MONEY BACK.

We Guarantee you nutrition and exercise practices based on how physical wellness really works and how you can successfully improve your wellness level, by applying your new tools and knowledge to your life situation.

We Guarantee a personalized approach to your Wellness.

We Guarantee a system and methodology that is designed to help you reach your goals.

We Guarantee to show you how Pledge To Fitness® defines everyday Wellness and Physical Preparedness, and how to build sustainable habits that will allow you to keep your results forever.

We don't like to toot our own horn.

But our satisfied customers have no problem doing it for us!

Rachel Flemming
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I’m not a “fitness person,” like at all. I sought out a personal trainer this year because I wanted to look better and less skinny fat, and I picked Pledge because of their free initial assessment and great reviews. Needless to say I’m blown away! Everyone who works there is friendly, funny and super easy to get along with, and their clientele seem to be of all ages and experience levels. They have absolute jams playing all the time too. Each trainer seems to have their own training style, but all are encouraging and positive. I work with Viviana and I’m so impressed. She has something new for me to do every time I go for a session and knows exactly how to challenge me and keep me motivated. I feel stronger, healthier, and more confident thanks to Pledge. Definitely worth the money!
Mark Goodman
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I joined Pledge To Fitness® back in December 2021. I was experiencing lower back problems and was looking for a personal trainer to help strengthen my core. Carlos with PTF™ has helped me with all facets of fitness. He seems to know exactly what I need and when I need it. My core is becoming more solid and I feel stronger all the way around. If I have any kind of muscle tightness, Viviana is available with a massage that would impress the highest caliber athlete. I recommend PTF™ to anyone who is interested in improving their health and fitness!
Ariana Smetana
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What it says more, how good the owner Andres Loperena's training is, than that I have been actively participating and following his training for the last 10 years, no matter where he went. When he opened his own Pledge to Fitness location and built out his unique approach to individual training, I was there from the opening day. He and his team are very dedicated, focused on workout personalization that gives great results and also, it's fun to workout with them. I am in the best shape of my life.
Callie Grehn
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I have been going to Pledge for over a year for Sport’s massages. I have seen both Viviana and Nick and I cannot speak more highly of the both of them. As someone very active in the fitness world, recovery is super important, and Pledge has helped me so much with that. Viviana has also been helping me with nutrition and when I had issues with my back. Andres and his team are always there to help. Highly recommend Pledge to Fitness for all of your fitness needs!!
Richard Husseini
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I have finally found the gym for me. I have struggled for some time with weight and exercise challenges. They took the time to understand my unique needs and developed a completely customized program designed for my success. This place is simply too good to be true. I have not been this optimistic about my future and health perspective for years. This is a truly extraordinary place providing a much-needed service. Thank you so much Pledge to Fitness. Shout out in particular to Andres and Viviana.
Johnson Coitino
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Great workout studio to start making lasting lifestyle changes. Andres, Nolan and Viv are such great motivators and knowledgeable experts with the tools you’ll need for fitness. I came to them stiff, out of shape and with a herniated disk in my back, and not once have I’ve been horribly sore or with pain in my back. I recommend them highly if you’re looking for a team to help you get your fitness goals started. It’s a great way to get an exercise regimen going with one-on-one time in a small private scale.

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