Pledge To Fitness is the ONLY one-stop-shop for everything you need
to experience your best level of fitness and wellbeing!

Results Guaranteed.
Improve Your Relationship
with Exercise
Making it convenient, friendly, and fun for busy Houstonians to adopt active lifestyles!
A variety of training styles, and coaches that know how to motivate you positively.
Improve Your Relationship
With Food
70% of your results, vigor, and vitality come from nutrition.
That’s why we made sure to INCLUDE Nutrition Coaching in each
of our packages.
A Team You Can Trust
We work with leading professionals in the Medical, Wellness, and Customer Service
industries committed to your physical and mental wellbeing.

Pledgendary Programs

Personal Training – Nutrition Coaching – Lifestyle Management

All available at our facilities and at your home somewhere in this Tile

PTF Weight Loss

Want to lose a substantial amount of weight in a sustainable way? Our weight loss program is the key. Accountability, motivation, and education brought to you by friendly professionals.


Are you looking to pack on lean body mass, increase your definition and muscle tone? look no further. Athletic nutrition coaching, high intensity resistance training, and in-depth progress tracking will make achieving your best physique a reality.


Do you deal with stiffness, aches and pains in your neck, back, knees, shoulders, etc.? Want to increase stability, range of motion, and ease your discomfort? Our Relief program will have you turning back the hands of time immediately!
Joseph D.
Houston, TX
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Andres, Daniel and Jose have a great team and teach/train more than just fitness and nutrition. They also focus on stretching, muscle manipulation/massage. I am so grateful to them for their energy and enthusiasm. It is contagious.
Joseph D.
Houston, TX
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Joesph is right. Andres has an enthusiasm that's contagious. You can tell he loves what he does, knows what he's doing, and delights in helping his clients do more and feel better. He's been down the road of physical dysfunction himself and knows the frustration of a life limited by pain. And he has ample experience navigating himself and his clients out of pain and back to functional movement. Highly recommended.
Abraham Z.
Central City
New Orleans, LA
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Great staff. They are always willing to help and to guide you to your goal. I am learning so much from them not only the types of workouts I can do, but also about the nutritional information I need.
George J.
Dallas, TX
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So one day i walked in to this thing and i was like hey guys i'm george what's up with this thing and this guy named andrew that works there was like hey man i'm andrew and this is what's up with this thing... and then i lost 20 pounds #pledgetofitness


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