Is It Worthy Of Worrying

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Is it worthy of worrying?

A knowledgeable and worldly client of mine inspired me with these words during one of our training sessions. With all the distractions, work stress, and curveballs in life, I think it resonates truer today than ever before. I can certainly go into the physiological effects of stress on the body and how it can wreak havoc on your life, fitness, and body composition. It can eat away at the simple pleasures that many will let go unnoticed each and every day. It can ruin your fitness goals by holding onto that excess body fat like gripping onto the armrest when you’re flying through turbulence. An abundance of stress can certainly change your hormonal profile and functionality of the digestive system, as well as have an impact on your psyche.

So instead of letting things get to you, try and follow these “words of the wise” and keep health and happiness centered on you! Take note of these three criteria that are not so “worthy of worrying.”

   1) Things you can’t control

                                    – Anything out of your hands directly shouldn’t worry you. The weather, the traffic, even being delayed at the airport, these things are completely out of your immediate control and any time or energy wasted on worrying about them is just draining (both mentally and physically).

2) Things other people do:

                                    – Unfortunately we tend to jump on Facebook or Instagram as soon as we get home and catch up on the latest posts. Worrying about what other people are doing, have done, or are about to do cuts into things you need to do! Like spend a few extra minutes with the family, get to the gym, or finish up those house-hold chores that seem to pile up every day.

3) Things in the past:

                                    – What’s done is done. Unfortunately you can’t change what was said or an opportunity that was missed. As a kid I used to dream about how great it would be to hit the rewind button on my life whenever I messed up. Unfortunately, until that is invented, the only thing you can do is learn from those experiences and grow from it. Try not to make the same mistake twice, and knock down opportunities door when it arises again.

Having thick skin is important in today’s fast paced, harsh reality of a world. Being able to let things bounce off of you as if you were wearing iron man’s suit is certainly a good trait to have and good for your health. Anything truly upsetting should be addressed, but if what is troubling you is something listed in those three categories please take a minute, take a breath, and remember it isn’t worth the worry.

Keep Reading, Keep Learning.

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