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Some do it because they want to look good for potential partners. Others do it because their doctors told them to. Many do it simply because they want to tell people they do it – and I do it because it’s my method for mental maintenance.

I’m talking about fitness.

Fitness wasn’t always about my mental state. It used to be for the first three reasons above. I wanted to look good, live forever, and I wanted everyone around me to know it.

But despite these reasons I couldn’t seem to maintain a stable fitness regimen. I would workout steadily for 2, maybe 3 weeks and then lose all interest for weeks at a time. I noticed that when I skipped my workouts there was no legitimate reason for me skipping. I simply didn’t want to work out. I lacked what I call a “legitimate truth for fitness.” What I mean by this is that I didn’t have a core motivation driving me to exercise, only some flimsy and superficial desire to maintain a certain physique.

For example, let’s say you’re someone who goes to school simply to satisfy your parents’ wishes for you to receive a good education. Something as simple as rain would be a good enough excuse for you to skip class. Now say your legitimate truth for going to school is because you know that it will benefit your future. You would travel through rain, sleet, and snow to make sure you got to class and got your learning on.

I originally wasn’t operating under a legitimate truth for fitness, but I didn’t always know that. I always assumed that my body was tired or that life got in the way, or any number of stupid justifications. It never occurred to me that the reason I would stop working out for weeks at a time was because when I was working out, it was for the wrong reasons.

But that’s no longer the case.

For the exception of a few sick days, I haven’t’ missed a scheduled training in over 2 YEARS. So what changed? Was I finally seeing aesthetic results? Was everyone complimenting me for sticking to it? Maybe it was strict orders from my doctor? NOPE.

Because of work constraints I had to change my training schedule from the evenings to the mornings, and I discovered that something very special was happening.

Life got fun.

The results I was enjoying from evening workouts – the boost in confidence, mood, focus, and discipline – were now lasting throughout my entire day instead of the few hours I had between working out and falling asleep in the evenings.

What changed was my REASON for fitness. My legitimate truth to workout. I realized that I was seeking out the mental peace and agility that came after my workouts. Feeling positive, focused, and at peace throughout my day became the sole reason for training.

Nowadays, if I miss a workout, I feel as if I’m sabotaging the rest of my day. There’s a dialogue that goes on in my head that says, “You KNOWINGLY have a routine that profoundly impacts your day for the better, and if you choose to skip it, you’re choosing to have a less than desirable day…” – No thank you.

So whether you do it because you want to benefit from the rewards, or because the consequences of missing your workout are worse than the workout itself, you MUST find your legitimate truth to fitness. Without that truth it becomes all too easy to phone it in and avoid staying fit.

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