What Does a Nutrition Coach Do?

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Nutrition is one of the pillars of The Pledge System™ and something we don’t leave up to chance. That’s why we pair you with a nutrition coach who will help you plan your meals, track your calorie intake, and answer any questions you have. Your coach can be your go-to expert resource for all things food and be invaluable on your wellness journey.

Why You Need a Nutrition Coach

Ever heard the workout phrase “Gains are made in the kitchen”? The cold, hard truth is that it’s virtually impossible to make significant fitness gains without bringing the same level of commitment to your diet habits as you do to your workout habits. But for whatever reason, for many of us, we’d rather run a marathon than have to give up brownies. 

Here’s how a nutrition coach can help you realize the gains you’ve worked so hard to achieve:

  • Cheerleading: Your coach is on your team! He or she wants to see you succeed and can help motivate you to make the dietary changes you need to make.
  • Accountability: Sometimes just knowing you’re going to have to come clean to somebody about what you’ve been eating is enough to spur you to make better choices. 
  • Knowledge: For something as elemental as eating, it’s really stinkin’ hard to know how to do it sometimes! Your coach is a nutrition expert who can tell you exactly what kinds of things you personally need to add or subtract to/from your menu to improve your health. 

Nutrition Coach vs Nutritionist: What’s the Difference?

There’s a lot of confusion around these terms, especially when you factor in the degreed titles of “dietitian” and “registered dietitian nutritionist.” In short, although it varies by state, nutritionists are health advocates who are not required to be licensed, certified, or diplomaed in Texas. Thus, they may have no formal training at all and could be limited in the wellness guidance they can provide. 

A nutrition coach, on the other hand, will have a certificate, diploma, or degree from an established training or education organization. They specialize in tailoring food choices to help individual clients meet their health goals, whether it’s weight loss, performance improvement, muscle building, or lifestyle change. They keep up with the latest developments in food science and help clients navigate the dynamic world of food products and trends. 

Nutrition Coaching Certifications

There are a variety of programs available to become a certified nutrition coach, such as the NASM-CNC. However, certifications can be somewhat hands-off and isolated from the actual practice of coaching others to lead healthy lifestyles. 

At Pledge To Fitness®, all our trainers have received diplomas from the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) where we received in excess of 100 hours of hands-on nutrition education from a registered teaching institution. NPTI’s diploma program is integrative, meaning it connects all the aspects of human health, rather than isolating nutrition from fitness, for example. This is the philosophy we follow in our gym, as well, because it works!

Find Your Nutrition Guru at Pledge To Fitness®

Our coaches can teach you how to build eating habits that you can sustain the rest of your life that will help you feel better, sleep better, look better, and complement your fitness program perfectly. 

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