Sugar Low, Summer High

My dad asks me at the counter of our favorite lunch spot, “So, what about a Coke?”

I say, “Twenty.”

Dad, “Minute Maid Lemonade?”

Myself, “Fourteen.”

Drinking one of those options along with your meal would be the equivalent of pouring twenty and fourteen sugar packets, respectively, on to your plate. Needless to say, if you’re trying to lose weight or make healthy life changes, those sugary actions would logically lead to sour consequences.

Sugar is everywhere– hidden in your average slice of bread (8 grams, 4 sugar packets), to the more well known culprits such as soda and juice. Refined sugar (found in white bread, white rice, soda, etc.) is one of the leading factors associated with chronic inflammation, diabetes, and heart disease. Improve your chances of never having to have the diabetes or heart disease talk with your doctor by making refined sugars that friend you don’t hang with anymore. If you’re trying to lose weight or lean out, refined sugar is not doing you any favors. Even when the sugar comes from a natural source (fruits), we still advise that moderation is key. As a rule of thumb, try to keep your sugar intake below 40 grams total per day. This is a strong starting point to improving your health and body composition overall.

At the end of the day, it’s ALL about being more aware. Check that nutrition label, be aware of how much sugar is actually slipping down into your body. Control your sugar to control your future.