Stretching, And What Muscles You’re Activating

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Have you ever wondered what does a stretch REALLY do?

Well, it’s actually doing quite a bit. Whether you’re relatively inactive, moderately active, or a full fledged exercise-aholic, you should stretch out those muscles – it’s good for you!

Check out this article by our friends at to get beautifully demonstrated pictures of what muscles you’re activating when you stretch out those limbs of yours. Check out their post here:  36 pictures to see what muscles you’re stretching!

We also enjoyed this article:  “Art of Stretching – 53 Additional Images to Show You Exactly Which Muscle You Are Stretching”

Do you do a back arm lock or email us and let us know what was your favorite from this list? Here are our top 15 favorite stretch exercises that anyone can do and are illustrated in the articles:

Top 15 Stretches to Consider:

  1. Wide Forward Fold – Muscles emphasized: adductors.
  2. Butterfly – Muscles emphasized: adductors.
  3. Forearm Extensor – Muscles emphasized: Forearm extensor
  4. Neck Rotation Stretch – Muscles emphasized: sternocleidomastoid “SCM”
  5. Neck Extension Stretch –  Muscles emphasized: sternocleidomastoid “SCM”
  6. Half Kneeling Quad / Hip Flexor  – Muscles emphasized: psoas and quadriceps
  7. Child’s Pose – Muscles emphasized: latissimus dorsi.
  8. Standing Calf Stretch – Muscles emphasized: soleus and gastrocnemius
  9. Seated Forward Fold / Seated Toe Touch – Muscles emphasized: hamstrings and calfs.
  10. Supine Twist – Muscles emphasized: glutes and external obliques
  11. Triangle Pose – Muscles emphasized: external obliques
  12. Chest Stretch at the Wall – Muscles emphasized: pectorals
  13. Seated half Pigeon Variation – Muscles emphasized: anterior tibialis
  14. Down Dog Variation at the Wall – Muscles emphasized: pectorals and latissimus dorsi
  15. Standing Upper Trapezius – Muscles Highlighted: Upper Trapezius Muscle

Again, Do you do a back arm lock or email us and let us know what was your favorite from this list?

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