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Sometimes It’s The Little Things

Dream Big!

You’ve heard this before I’m sure. We should no doubt shoot for the stars in our goals, whatever it may be, but don’t forget it is the little things that add up and make for the greatest accomplishments. Unfortunately though, we thrive on instant gratification and tend to expect immediate results whenever we start something new. We worry so much about the end result that we overlook the process, and typically give up after a few weeks. Many clients end up quitting or putting their overall health and wellness on the back burner because they don’t see the immediate benefit and do not invest in themselves for the long run.

We try to teach our clients that in the gym, and in life, progress and change come at a slow and steady pace. Healthy and sustainable weight loss for example is about 1 pound per week. This seems like a pretty insignificant amount to lose and really nothing to go brag about. But let’s think about this for a minute. A consistent 1 pound weekly weight loss would equate to about 50lbs overall in the year. How many people do you know can say that they lost 50 pounds last year? But unfortunately too much money and time is invested in quick fixes and gimmicks that are unsustainable, unreliable, and unrealistic. Instead, we encourage our clients to focus on the little accomplishments and the small changes they see each and every session. This is where trainers and coaches play an integral role, consistently recording progress and change as a way to show the effort put in is paying off. Your wellness professional should be able to create appropriate programs and recommendations, designed to keep you focused, accountable, and motivated on why you started in the first place.

Most people miss the key concept of health and wellness. It is not about how good you look in a bathing suit, or how much you can lift, rather it is about how resilient you can make your body, how good you feel, and how much you have improved your overall quality of life. It is the little achievements in life, or in a workout, which have a more profound effect on the body and mind. Keep it simple to keep it safe, and continue down your own road to greatness. Take your time, embrace the experience, and have fun, because more often than not the journey is more fulfilling than the prize.

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