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As the New Year becomes a distant thought, hopefully the resolutions you set out to achieve this year are still within reach. When it comes to health habits and fitness goals, too many times I see a quick drop off within the first few weeks. Unfortunately by mid-February, just like the excitement of a new year, those goals and ambitions are in the distant past, restocked on the shelves for the following year. However, while I patiently await your questions and requests (please continue to submit them via email to [email protected]), I have a solution to keep you accountable and to help push you through this major resolution speed bump we will call “the entire month of February!” It may seem childish or silly, but to help you get past those February blues remember to “just keep swimming” (said in my best Dory/Ellen DeGeneres voice).

Through all the adversity encountered throughout our lifetime and all the headaches of the daily grind, the most important thing you can do is to just keep swimming (whatever swimming may mean to you)! Swimming could potentially be referring to you pushing forward on that big project at work, or believing in your abilities and skills as you look forward to starting a fresh career in the new year. Maybe swimming is referencing staying consistent on adopting healthy eating habits despite not feeling any immediate changes or continuing to show up at the gym on a consistent basis despite the number on the scale not budging. Remember, at some point along the way you will get to where you are meant to be, and at some point those habits get easier (trust me), and at some point you will look back and realize how far you’ve come. All the obstacles you’ve endured along the way will be the distant thoughts, and those resolutions will be right within your reach. Whatever your goals, ambitions and aspirations may include remember to continue pushing through. I know I have said in previous articles, but showing up and continuing on is most of the battle.

Think about the journey Dory went on through Finding Nemo and then again in the sequel. Who’s to say this isn’t a representation of whatever resolution you set forth on January 1st. Just keep going, because you never know where it will take you, you never know who you will meet, and you will never get to see your success if you turn around or give up now. Continue to push on, continue to give it your all, and best of luck on your journey through 2019. So despite whatever road bumps you may encounter, you can achieve all of your new (or old) goals if you just keep swimming. Also remember if you ever need a hand (or a fin) let us know, even Dory didn’t find Nemo by herself!

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