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Bike Your Way To A Faster Sprint

It may already be part of your routine, but if not, know that whether you’re on a stationary or road bicycle, interval cycling can make you a faster runner!

Some of us hate running. Even those who are natural runners acknowledge the fact that what they do is tough– except Usain Bolt, he says it’s easy.

I’ll never forget the time a friend, a cross-country runner for our high school, told me, “My sport is your sport’s punishment.” She put it best. Running felt like punishment to me, so every time it came down to it, I dreaded the act.

Something I did enjoy, however, was cycling. I think this is due to the psychological aspect of it. Cycling never felt like work to me. Running did. If I had known cycling could have improved my running experience, whether that be through an increase in speed or endurance, I would have hopped on a bike ASAP.

So maybe you’re like me, and despise running. Or maybe you’re injured and are not allowed to run – give cycling a shot. It’s a low impact activity, and if done in the correct intervals, a fantastic way to get those desired results while also having a blast!

So what do you think; do you enjoy running? Is there anything you would rather do instead of running? Any tips for those of us whose hearts break a little bit with just looking at our running shoes?

Let us know!

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