Why You Need to Make Massage Therapy Part of Your Workout Plan

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A Vital Component of Wellness: The Role of Massage Therapy

A massage is more than just a relaxing escape, it’s also an important element of wellness. If you’ve committed to a workout program and want to get the best results, here’s why massage therapy is an important element of achieving and maintaining good health you can’t overlook…

It Assists Workout Recovery

Recent studies have proven that even just a 10-minute Swedish massage after working out is enough to improve your recovery from a workout. Not only can it reduce inflammation, it can trigger the production of proteins in your body that produce cells that are responsible for generating energy and regulating metabolism.
Interestingly, these benefits are not due to massage removing lactic acid after a workout; that is a myth. This byproduct of working out will naturally clear out within about an hour after working out, well before the soreness of a tough workout would normally begin.

It Corrects Muscle Imbalances and Prevents Injury

See if any of these sound like you:

  • You do the same workout moves every time.
  • You sit for long stretches of the day.
  • You have poor posture.
  • You often wear high heels.

If so, you’re risking muscle imbalance.
Muscle imbalance happens when muscles on one side of a joint become too tight–by any of the above activities, or something else–and the ones on the other side become weak from underuse. It’s most common to strike around the hips, shoulders, and knees. And as the stronger muscles have to do more to compensate for the weaker ones, your body becomes misaligned and everything from reduced mobility to injuries such as tendonitis can follow.
What deep tissue massage can do is correct the imbalance by stretching and loosening those tight muscles, which gets blood flowing to them so that the increased oxygen and nutrients can kickstart the healing process.

Massage Therapy Decreases Stress

It’s no secret that massage is a ticket to Happy town for most people because it’s so relaxing. While a deep tissue or sports massage may not be quite as much of a treat as a gentle Swedish massage, all of these methods have the ability to drive down your cortisol levels. Cortisol, of course, is the primary stress hormone in the body that can also promote overeating and weight gain when it’s elevated.
At the same time, serotonin and dopamine levels rise, bringing with them feelings of happiness, calm, motivation, and all-around good vibes. These chemicals also help you sleep better, which in turn gives your body more potential for healing and repair.

Learn How PTF™ Uses Massage Therapy to Boost Your Wellness

At Pledge To Fitness®, massage therapy is a pillar of our Pledgendary® services, because it’s so important to your overall well-being. Let one of our certified massage therapists tell you more in person how a personalized workout and massage therapy program can do wonders for your health.

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