5 Weight Loss Tips

5 Weight Loss Tips | Pledge to Fitness
5 Weight Loss Tips | Pledge to Fitness
1) Exercise doesn’t really help with weight loss. There I said it, but it’s not really the exercise that causes the weight loss, rather the habit you adopt. Working out gets you out of that seated position, away from the junk food, and moving. These are all the contributing factors for healthy and sustainable weight loss. 2) Move more, eat less. Sounds simple, but it’s the truth. The more you move (walking, biking, swinging a kettlebell, playing with your kids) the more calories you burn. And the less you over eat the more body fat you will lose. The only hard part is to make sure the food you do eat meets your minimum requirements and is portioned appropriately. You will notice a significant difference, but if you are confused we are here to help! 3) You don’t have to kill yourself every time you step in the gym. The “No pain, No gain” motto is flat out wrong! The fact that you can’t move the day after the workout means you are going to move less overall. This burns less total calories throughout the week, and is a sure fire way to get hurt. Talk to a trainer about an appropriate training program catered to your goals, and not just some cookie cutter program you find online. 4) Nutrition is incredibly important, but don’t get fooled by those fake claims. First, there is no supplement brand that is clinically proven to be effective at helping you maintain weight loss. Second, you don’t detox your body by drinking special teas or smoothies. You detox all day, every day with the help of your liver and kidneys, it is their primary function. Drinking these special products won’t help any more than eating a salad or drinking water. Third, speaking of water, alkaline water does not improve health. Your expensive high pH water turns to acid once in the stomach. Your body has special processes that keep you at the same pH all the time, without the help of any expensive products. Your optimal nutrition strategy: drink water, eat nutrient rich foods, and get some quality sleep! 5) Get others involved. Grab a family member, friend, or a trainer to get you motivated and working hard. Think about this: when you travel or go to the movies do you go alone or do you like to share the experience? Why should your weight loss journey be any different? There should be someone along with you for the ride. So hop up out of your chair, stop reading this article, and get moving and we look forward to seeing you at the gym!

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