The open formula for achieving ultimate fitness

The Five-Star Fitness Recipe: From Everyday Joe to Fitness Pro!

Meet Greg Averill, the Real-Life Fitness Transformer from Houston, Texas! At 29, Greg faced a crossroads with his health, but little did he know that his life was about to change forever with the Pledge To Fitnesteam of experts.

The Ingredients

Ingredient #1: A State-of-the-Art Pledge To Fitness Studio Step into a world of transformation, where you can sculpt the healthier, fitter you.

Ingredient #2: Your Personal Trainer Extraordinaire Led by the incredible Coach Viviana, Greg found the perfect mentor who understood his challenges, crafting workouts to overcome injuries and achieve extraordinary results.

Ingredient #3: The Healing Touch of a Certified Massage Therapist Guiding both body and soul through the rejuvenation process, this master of relaxation brought a dash of tranquility to Greg’s fitness journey.

Ingredient #4: The Nutritional Wizard Enter Coach Carlos, the nutritional guru who expertly guided Greg’s eating habits towards a healthier lifestyle, proving that eating clean can be both delicious and transformative.

Ingredient #5: A Pinch of Self-Awareness With humble self-awareness, Greg recognized his needs and wishes, paving the way for personal growth and monumental progress.

Loads of Water to Keep the Fire Burning Hydration is key, and Greg kept the flames of success burning bright with plenty of water throughout his journey.

For 15 years, he’d buy gym memberships, but he never worked out for more than a month. Johnson felt self-conscious in large, crowded gyms, and he didn’t have a workout plan or any knowledge about fitness or nutrition. Eventually, he’d always return to his old habits, and his weight continued to creep up.
When he reached 380 pounds, Johnson’s doctor warned him he had early signs of fatty liver disease. Johnson was also experiencing excruciating lower back pain, and an MRI showed a herniated disk. His doctor recommended weight loss.

A rare trip to enjoy an out-of-town wedding was a turning point for Johnson. His airplane seatbelt didn’t fit properly, and he felt humiliated when he had to ask for help from a flight attendant. Then, in one of the few vacation photos he’d taken, he reflected on his true size and realized he needed professional help to lose weight and get into shape.

a view of the pledge to fitness studio | Pledge to Fitness
Massage Therapy by Pledge To Fitness

The Process

Greg’s Epic Fitness Journey started with Coach Andres Loperena, founder of Pledge To Fitness and creator of the Pledge To Fitness System™. Greg embarked on his adventure with a complimentary first session and a Fit3D Body Scan. This step set his goals and analyzed his needs in all aspects of his transformation. With the dedication of the Pledge To Fitness team, Greg’s workouts evolved as he progressed, adapting to his needs and challenges. The coaching staff’s unparalleled support and knowledge made all the difference.

Conquering the World’s Biggest Fitness Race! Greg and Coach Viviana are on a mission to dominate the Hyrox Challenge in November, showcasing the epitome of living one’s best life.

The Result

A Rockstar Transformation! From a 247-pound linebacker to a 224-pound healthier, stronger version of himself, Greg’s hard work and commitment paid off in spades. His old injuries were repaired, and new goals blossomed.

Now a few years in, a fitness enthusiast at heart, Greg hits the gym 5-6 times a week, leaving unhealthy habits in the past. With a fantastic team backing him up, he’s armed and ready for future challenges.

Conquering the World’s Biggest Fitness Race! Greg and Coach Viviana are on a mission to dominate the Hyrox Challenge in November, showcasing the epitome of living one’s best life.

So, dear fitness enthusiasts, if you’re looking for the ultimate recipe to transform your life, follow Greg’s lead and embrace the Pledge To Fitness® journey. Unleash your inner champion and let the magic begin! 

Studio Personal Training at Pledge to Fitness

Ultimate Fitness Recipe

At Pledge to Fitness®, we are dedicated to helping our clients move toward the future with a better, healthier version of themselves. With our Studio Personal Training, your Pledge Coach™ will guide you toward a strong and powerful physique using the best strength and conditioning workouts. 

  • A one-on-one personal interview followed by specific measurements and baseline created on our Fit3D Scanner.
  • Achieve health, fitness, and weight loss goals.
  • A wellness plan built around you to achieve your fitness goals.
  • Purchase a one-on-one 30 or 60-minute training package adjusted to your needs, budget, and availability.
  • Personally tailored and -guided one-on-one sessions with flexible 30 or 60-minute duration.
  • Access to Live Online Training when you are traveling.
  • Real-time access to a coach when you have questions.
  • Access to solo workouts to maintain your pledge to fitness by investing time in yourself.

Are you ready to transform your fitness journey and unlock your ultimate fitness potential?