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Overweight And Out Of Shape

One Man’s Journey To Fitness And Nutrition​

“It didn’t seem scary enough for me to make a change until I got really close to that 400 pound mark.”

The Challenge

Struggling with a health scare, back pain, and low self-esteem

Johnson Coitino’s scale first hit 300 pounds when he was in his 20s. He had always loved sports as a spectator, but wasn’t physically active himself. In his mid-30s, Johnson’s sedentary lifestyle continued because his job as a construction manager didn’t require regular heavy-lifting. And the meals Johnson craved most were heavy and fatty, a combination that led to additional weight gain.

For 15 years, he’d buy gym memberships, but he never worked out for more than a month. Johnson felt self-conscious in large, crowded gyms, and he didn’t have a workout plan or any knowledge about fitness or nutrition. Eventually, he’d always return to his old habits, and his weight continued to creep up. When he reached 380 pounds, Johnson’s doctor warned him he had early signs of fatty liver disease. Johnson was also experiencing excruciating lower back pain, and an MRI showed a herniated disk. His doctor recommended weight loss.

A rare trip to enjoy an out-of-town wedding was a turning point for Johnson. His airplane seatbelt didn’t fit properly, and he felt humiliated when he had to ask for help from a flight attendant. Then, in one of the few vacation photos he’d taken, he reflected on his true size and realized he needed professional help to lose weight and get into shape.

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The Solution

Personal commitment and dedication with the individualized support of fitness experts

Johnson booked a consultation online with Pledge To Fitness team at their Bellaire studio and immediately felt comfortable in the small, friendly studio. He was relieved he could get individual support from a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and massage therapist all in one place.

At first, Johnson could barely work out for 10 or 15 minutes before he felt sick, but gradually, with the help of a personal trainer, he worked his way up to three days a week for 30 minutes. He got answers to his questions, learned basic exercises, proper form, and how to use the equipment safely.

Eventually, as Johnson’s endurance and confidence grew, he increased his sessions to an hour and began working out an additional three days a week on his own. He also began walking outside on the weekends.

At first, Johnson continued eating unhealthy meals. He was far more dedicated to working out and was seeing results, but he knew he could make even more progress if he started paying attention to his diet. To kick start better nutrition, the Pledge nutrition coach helped him set calorie goals and track his progress using a fitness app. Johnson also ordered convenient and healthy prepackaged box meals to replace carryout and fast food.

“You can build a solid foundation of what you’ll need compared to going at it blindly on your own.”

The Process

Pledge To fitness sets the foundation and builds confidence for long-lasting success

Johnson noticed the results almost immediately. He lost weight, inches, and gained muscle. A monthly Fit3D body scan gave him accurate numbers and body measurements. His strength, mobility, and energy increased, and his back pain disappeared. His mood improved, and the workouts got him out of the house and gave him something to look forward to each day. Eventually, he canceled his box meal subscription and is preparing healthy food at home now too.

Finding an exciting, smaller fitness studio with a specialized professional team enabled Johnson to build a foundation and stick with a routine for longer than he ever had before. The Pledge personal trainers, nutrition coach, and massage therapist were patient and positive and gave him the tools, support, and motivation he needed to keep going and reach his goals.

Johnson still needs to lose 100 more pounds to reach his
ideal weight. But now he’s prepared with a fitness foundation, nutrition know-how, and the self-confidence to put in the
hard work. He’s proud of his progress, delighted with his new appearance, and after months of small wins, is performing many of the toughest strength and endurance sessions offered at Pledge to Fitness.

A man engaged in personal training at Pledge To Fitness fitness studio in Houston, TX.

Johnson's Results

Physical Changes

  • Lost 42.5 inches across entire body
  • Dropped 51 pounds of • fat in 12 months
  • Significantly realigned his posture and lost 7.6 inches at the waistline

Lifestyle Changes

  • Walking 2+ miles comfortably
  • Working out 6x per week
  • For 60 minutes
    Created healthy, sustainable eating habits
A before and after picture of Johnson showing his success on his journey to fitness

Are You Overweight, Out Of Shape, And Unsure How To Make A Change?