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How a Full Time, Hardworking Speech Pathologist Transformed Her Life at Pledge To Fitness

Melinda Cooper, a wife, mom, and dedicated professional, has achieved significant progress in just a few months of training. She proudly declares, “I am on the path to wellness.”

A New Beginning: Melinda Cooper's Path to Wellness

As a 50-year-old wife and mom, Melinda began experiencing aches and pains. Her mother and grandmother both suffered from chronic arthritis, and she didn’t want to endure aches and pains for the rest of her life. “I’ve got to make a change,” she explains, “and I want to travel more and not be held back by body pains.” This was her motivation to contact Pledge To Fitness and start her path to wellness.

A couple engaged in training with a trainer at Pledge To Fitness Bellaire studio in Houston. TX
Reports Fit 3D at Pledge to Fitness

A Life-Changing Decision: Joining Pledge To Fitness in Bellaire

Melinda made a change by joining Pledge To Fitness studio in Bellaire. Upon joining, she was given a non-invasive 3D fit scan that would accurately analyze her body measurements, allowing the trainers to pinpoint her goals and set up a routine tailored to her needs. “Alarming and terrifying,” Melinda said of her scan results, but in the two months she’s been with Pledge To Fitness, there has been a notable improvement that she has found very encouraging. She feels that she’s in the path to wellness.

“My 14-year-old daughter noticed a difference,” she told me with a chuckle. “It just feels great, and I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.”

Accountability and Connection: One-on-One Training at Pledge To Fitness

Pledge To Fitness has allowed Melinda to stay accountable. She has an individual one-on-one trainer who has helped her stick with the program. Other gyms may have tons of equipment, space, and amenities but without the type of expert, personalized training and support offered at Pledge To Fitness it’s all meaningless. Melinda has been teamed up with two different Pledge Coaches to address different needs, and she feels a strong connection to them. This connection is a big motivator in the Pledge To Fitness family.

Path to Wellness: Lifting Weights, Healing Injuries, and Building Strength

Melinda wanted to start lifting weights and has now done so with the help of Coach Carlos, whose workouts are engaging, motivating, and keep her pushing for the next level. She wanted to resolve an old torn knee ligament injury and now has with the help of Coach and Pledge Massage Therapist Viviana, who has experienced and rehabbed similar injuries. Melinda wants to stay strong and feels she is doing exactly that. “My 14-year-old daughter noticed a difference,” she told me with a chuckle. “It just feels great, and I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.”

Melinda Cooper, from aches and pins to feeling well.
Melinda Cooper, from aches and pins to feeling well.
Melinda Cooper working out at Pledge To Fitness Studio, Bellaire, TX.

Consistency and Progress: A New Life Without Pain

Melinda now works out three times a week at the studio and walks 2 miles a day on her own. “I don’t have any more aches and pains, which has made a big difference.” Studio owner and trainer Andres praises Melinda for being consistent and making time in her busy schedule to come to the gym, highlighting this as the key to her success. The Pledge To Fitness Team atmosphere has offered her positive support and kept her accountable.

A Future Marathon Runner: Realizing a Dream

Goals without action are just dreams, so we give kudos to Melinda for acting and turning her dreams into reality. Melinda has always wanted to run a marathon. She now feels like it’s a true possibility. We will be watching for your marathon debut!

Pledge To Fitness: A Catalyst for Transformation

Melinda’s journey with Pledge To Fitness is more than a story of fitness; it’s a testament to the transformative power of personalized care and connection. From healing old wounds to unlocking new possibilities, Pledge To Fitness has been the catalyst for Melinda’s transformation. Her story inspires us all to take the pledge and embrace a brighter, healthier future.

Ready to elevate your fitness journey and unleash your ultimate potential? Reach out to us and embark on your path to wellness.