Our Pledge Personal Training Team will help you create progressive tactics to create sustainable life-long exercise and nutrition habits, along with meal planning tailored to you!

James Lai

Pledge Training Team

James holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology and Wellness Management from Houston Baptist University. He takes every opportunity to grow and develop his leadership, and passion to a life commitment of fitness and training. With a background in Physical Therapy and injury prevention/recovery, his weight loss, strengthening and conditioning programs have become vital for Pledges’ fitness journeys. James’ belief is that everyone can benefit from learning how to increase mobility and functionality. You’ll never have a dull moment with James inside or outside of training. His friends, family and clients never do!

Chane' Joseph

Pledge Training Team

Be fearless, be strong, be confident! It's all about body confidence! Chane’ makes it easy for you to feel like yourself again with her great vibes and attitude. Come in for a massage customized to your physical needs, because confidence is about feeling great. Chané is trained in stretching to increase flexibility, cupping to reduce inflammation and can provide the perfect amount of pressure to put you at ease. Get back to feeling confident!

Sean Cassinelli. Personal Trainer at Pledge To Fitness Bellaire

Sean Cassinelli

Pledge Training Team

Hey guys! Sean here, from Katy Texas coming at you with a sincere passion for wellness and a degree in Sport Science from Texas State University. I love everything fitness and fashion, and I definitely classify as “Sneakerhead”. A quote I live and work by: “It’s not what you WANT to do it’s what you CAN do that’ll make you a better person.” I’m here to help you find out what you can really do!

Maria McCormack. Personal Trainer at Pledge To Fitness Bellaire

Maria McCormack

Pledge Training Team

Hi there! First off, I am a Swedish Texan! I have a degree and background in Social Work. After coaching people on their mental wellness for over 10 years, I decided to combine it with physical coaching as well. Training has helped me develop mental stability and health, so that is exactly what I want to share with others. I became a certified personal trainer at the National Personal Training Institute of Houston. I employ a holistic approach and will challenge you not only physically, but mentally as well, since it all starts with your state of mind!

William Cheung

Pledge Training Team

Hello! My friend’s call me Will, and so should you! I’m a NASM certified personal trainer, and I love educating others and promoting a healthy lifestyle. My fitness journey began when I decided I wanted to prioritize my mental and physical health. Realizing the quality of the rest of my life would be predicated on my health made it a simple, yet powerful decision. After seeing and feeling how much a proper wellness regimen helped me, I felt a passion to spread the knowledge I’ve learned, helping others achieve their own goals!

Viviana Alzate. Personal Trainer at Pledge To Fitness Bellaire

Viviana Alzate

Pledge Training Team

One of the hardest things to do is to go through life not being able to enjoy the activities you love because an injury. Growing up as an athlete and dancer, I dealt with injuries, and multiple knee surgeries. After my second torn ACL + Meniscus tear, I decided to become Licensed as a Massage Therapist (2016). I went through 4 knee surgeries in total. It was no walk in the park, but my journey through recovery and rehab led me to become a Certified Personal Trainer (2019). I developed a passion to help others enhance performance, improve movement, and their quality of life along the way. The combination of both my CPT and LMT certifications allow me to understand biomechanics and efficiently target imbalances keeping you from feeling your best! Let’s create momentum, but not before we adjust you in the right direction!

Evelyn Noyola. Personal Trainer at Pledge To Fitness

Evelyn Noyola

Pledge Training Team

My passion lies in health and wellness and causing a positive change in people’s lives. I’m very persistent and won’t give up until I see results, so I inspire my Pledges to do the same. I believe integrity and work ethic are the biggest tools in one’s arsenal, since in this life you reap what you sow. This career allows me to help the people I love. Those that work with me have a future with less medication, balanced insulin levels and longer, vibrant life spans. My family is one of my biggest motivators and the fact I can help them makes me feel strong and accomplished. They inspire me to become a better version of myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. I love helping our Pledge families with their children as I have a background in soccer, basketball, volleyball, and dance.

Maddie Hendrickson. Personal Trainer at Pledge To Fitness

Maddie Hendrickson

Pledge Training Team

Maddie Hendrickson grew up participating in most sports and competitively ran track and cross country throughout her schooling. Once out in the real world she realized what an important factor exercise was when achieving a healthy physical and emotional state so she became active in weight training. This became her favorite style of exercise and lead her through to pursue her National Personal Training Institute diploma. She’s now a certified trainer who helps those in her community achieve a healthier life, and also volunteers in the gym with people who have cerebral palsy on her spare time!

Mohammed Sahi. Pledge To Fitness

Mohammed shai

Pledge Training Team

Mo is a certified personal trainer who loves helping people be better. He believes in the Pledge To Fitness way of tailoring fitness programs individually to clients, including easy nutritional guidelines and education, as well as including recovery stretch and mobility work. He is ambitious and outgoing and well-known for developing a quick rapport with his clients.

Jocelyn Britton

Management Team / Pledge Trainer

Jocelyn is a native of Hobbs, New Mexico but is in love with Texan friendliness! She believes in achieving high levels of education within your career and was a crimson scholar in kinesiology in college. Her masters graduate school work at Texas A&M earned her a degree with honors in Sports Management. Her participation in the summer children’s programs along with outreach through A&M and her volunteer work with Katrina refugees gave her great insight into the lack of healthcare and knowledge available to underprivileged youth. She brings as much light to her community as possible by educating the next generation of trainers at NPTI and Pledge To Fitness. Jocelyn brings years of management experience for many large and small gyms, along with corporate offices. You can always expect great care along with a beautifully managed facility when Jocelyn is a part of it!

David Boettcher. Program Director for Pledge To Fitness

David Boettcher

Program Director / Pledge Trainer

Dave graduated with his degree in Biology from Arcadia University. On top of serving as PTF's Director of Fitness, his career in the health & fitness industry has placed him into many positions of leadership. He played basketball at the collegiate and professional level, headed the football and basketball programs for a highschool in Philadelphia, managed and lead the personal training team for a gym, and currently also works as the Director of Education and Lead Instructor at the National Personal Training Institute of Houston.

Andres Loperena. Personal Trainer at Pledge To Fitness Bellaire

Andres Loperena


​Andrew holds a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology and Human Development from the University of Houston and a Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma from the National Personal Training Institute of Houston, recognized and approved by the Texas Workforce Commission Career Schools and Colleges. His Goal is to create a community of fitness professionals and everyday people alike, dedicated to maintaining healthy lives through small sustainable changes - no aggressive fads. During his time working with clients on the gym floor - over 3,000 hours - he has helped countless individuals reach their fitness goals and lead a healthy life style.

Daniel Lozano. Co Founder of Pledge To Fitness

Daniel Lozano


Daniel graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Business Administration. He has managed the operational systems for businesses ranging from fabrication, real estate, retail, and health & fitness. As Co-Founder, his responsibilities are in growth strategy, daily operations, standard operating procedures, and general business development. Daniel is a dedicated learner who knows that the difference between wasting time and making time has all to do with having the knowledge and tools to achieve your goals. 

Our team will work with you to create a program that fits your specific needs and goals!