Online Personal Training With Experienced Trainers

Pledge To Fitness, based in Bellaire, TX, has expanded its reach by offering live online personal training sessions with certified trainers. If you’re in search of an online fitness coach, look no further. With live online training, your dedicated Pledge Coach™ will collaborate with you over video chat at your convenience. Reach out today to connect with one of our fitness coaches and learn more about our online training sessions.

An Online personal training session by a Pledge To Fitness trainer.

What is Live Online Personal Training?

Live online personal training is a web-based fitness program overseen by a Subject Matter Expert (SME), a certified personal trainer, through a virtual studio or facility. This form of personal training utilizes various internet communication technologies, including web conferencing, videoconferencing, audioconferencing, and text messaging. The goal is to create a comprehensive and customized exercise program for participants. When conducted skillfully by an experienced online personal trainer, the results can match or even surpass the efficiency, effectiveness, and enjoyment of traditional in-person personal training. The online personal trainer will guide participants one-on-one or in small groups, modelling exercises and watching carefully their performance.

Benefits of 1-on-1 Online Fitness Training

When it comes to live online fitness training, there are numerous benefits for our clients to reap. Below, we’ve detailed some of the most significant benefits of live online fitness training:

Pledge To Fitness client working out with an online personal trainer.
  • Free Starting Consultation – Before anything, you’ll receive a consultation that’s on the house! It will consist of goal setting, fitness screening, and wellness history to help you match with the right trainer. Supporting your personal goals and preferences.
  • Faster Goal Achievement – Maximize your time and ensure you’re focused on the most effective routines. Since it’s tailored to your schedule, you save time on driving, setting up, and checking in. 
  • Increased Accountability – It’s tempting to take breaks or have an off day. With online fitness coaching, you have someone that has your back, keeps you motivated, and pushes you forward!
  • Safety – The number one benefit of Pledge To Fitness online personal training is your trainer’s commitment to guide you to achieve proper form, ensuring you use the correct technique, and therefore, avoid unnecessary strain.
  • A Lifetime of Wellness – The start is just the beginning; sometimes that step is the hardest. Once you get going, you have only to go forward.
  • Personalized Attention – Here, you can focus on problem areas, like body parts with old injuries, and work your way into an overall better body experience. Trainers can modify as needed based on your needs and progression. It is called personal training, after all.
  • A Mental & Emotional Boost – This is something everyone needs. A healthier body means more endorphins, which leads to consistency. And building self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment can also provide you with that mental and emotional boost.
  • Chance to Use Home Equipment – It’s time to use the equipment hanging out in the closet. Shake off the dust and use every tool to your advantage.

Our Online Clients Seek Help in These Areas

Our valued clients seek help with weight loss, muscle gain, intuitive eating, better or increased joint mobility, bodily flexibility, and more. These can lead to an overall ache-free day-to-day living experience or pain elimination. Holding yourself accountable can help with increased confidence and body awareness. All of these collectively lead to a better, happier lifestyle.

Here’s What You Need for a Live Online Training Session

It’s simple to reach your fitness goals with the support of our expert online coaches.

phone icon on Pledge to Fitness

Facetime, Skype, or Zoom and a strong Wi-Fi connection

couch with lamp on Pledge to Fitness

Space for movement - clear and declutter an area

lightbulb icon on Pledge to Fitness

Good lighting and low-noise for easy communication

athletic shirt icon on Pledge to Fitness

Loose and comfortable clothing for flexibility

speaker icon on Pledge to Fitness

Turn your phone volume all the way up!

electric bolt icon on Pledge to Fitness

Make sure you've got plenty of energy!

What We Offer at Pledge To Fitness

At Pledge To Fitness, our clients can expect everything from one-on-one interviews, unique wellness plans, tailored one-on-one sessions, and more. Below, we’ve listed what we can offer you at Pledge. These are the types of coaching and therapy we use to help you reach your health goals:

  • LIVE one-on-one personal training: cardiovascular training, body weight training, calisthenics, strength training, mobility exercises, guided stretch  and release work
  • Achieve weight loss, lean mass creation, mobility, and ache relief
  • Get a free Pledge to Fitness Fit Kit
  • LIVE guided stretch and release work with your Fit Kit
  • Gain access to remote meal planning and coaching
  • Get a Pledgendary® Program customized specifically for your body and activity level
  • Get started easily: all you need is Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype
  • Learn about your body and develop your knowledge of exercise and nutrition
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Here’s How We Can Help

We use various types of coaching and therapy to help you reach your health goals. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Cardiovascular training
  • Body weight training
  • Calisthenics
  • Strength training
  • Mobility training
  • Guided stretch training

What You Get with Live Interactive Virtual Training

It’s easy and super convenient! With access to an online personal trainer, virtual training allows you to take fitness to the next level while having an interactive experience as though the trainer were right there physically in the room with you, streaming straight from your choice of device, be it a smartphone, tablet, computer, or TV. Find the best online personal trainer for your needs, be it a coach, yogi, or any one of the fitness coaches, via their provided schedule to make an appointment. When ready, hop in and join the virtual session. You will get a live stream of your instructor on your device, and in a smaller window will be you. During the stream, they can demonstrate the routines and exercises, keep you motivated, and mind your form so that you can engage in the activities correctly and with no injuries.

Why is Live Virtual Training the Future of Fitness?

For one, it’s great for the budget. It’s also super easy to access. All you have to do is make an account, log in, and join a workout! So long as you have internet and some space to exercise, you can do a session anywhere you are. You can customize your workouts to your schedule and lifestyle, making live online personal training extremely flexible, regardless of your occupation or day-to-day life. Literally, everyone can do it! All the tools and resources are there for those seeking a healthy lifestyle.

Why Choose Us for Live Online Personal Training?

When you register for live online personal training, you can reap various benefits. We tailor the baseline of personal training with specific measurements by 3D Scanner. This enables you to achieve your fitness, health, and weight loss goals. We provide our clients with a unique wellness plan built specifically for them and their unique needs. We also offer various training packages in either 30- or 60-minute increments that are adjustable to your schedule, needs, and budget. Our tailored one-on-one sessions are personal and guided throughout each session. We look forward to working with you.

Contact Us Today for Online Personal Training

Our trainers and therapists are all certified. Whether it’s hands-on or practical experience, they can help you create and maintain a plan to help you with a sustainable lifestyle, making it lifelong with the right exercise and nutrition. Everything we offer can be tailored to you! Get started for free with no risk. Simply book a free live online at-home training session and see if it’s right for you. Contact us today.